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The Suga Weathering Technology Foundation (SWTF) was founded in 1981. In collaboration with its partners, the Suga Weathering Technology Foundation provides the essential infrastructure and organizational framework for the support and development of weathering technology projects and other endeavors that serve this mission. SWTF is a public organization under the supervision of the Japanese Government; specifically the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology - MEXT. On December 1, 2011, SWTF incorporated as Public Interest Incorporated Foundation, authorized by the Japanese Prime Minister on November 24, 2011.

What is The weathering technology?

Weathering technology seeks to understand the effects of; dew, gas, heat, humidity, ozone, rain, salt, snow, sunlight and wind upon the optical and mechanical properties of materials. Materials include; metal, paint coatings and plastics used in aircraft, buildings, ships and vehicles, etc. Optical and mechanical properties include; corrosion, degradation, and/or change in color appearance. Weathering technology allows for the estimation of the materials' useful lifetime and the information to improve its durability; thereby, reducing production costs and increasing performance, reliability, and saving valuable resources.

Brief History of Suga Weathering Technology Foundation

The Suga Weathering Technology Foundation was established in 1981 by Nagaichi Suga, CEO of Suga Test Instruments; Director-General Shunichi Uchida, Former president of Tokyo Institute of Technology and Chief Juror Yoshio Iwakura, Emeritus professor of Seikei University. Masaru Ibuka, Honorary Chairman of Sony and Seiji Kaya, Former President of Tokyo University, served as advisors. NOTE: Member titles in1981.

The mission of the Suga Weathering Technology Foundation is to research, award, educate and assist in all aspects of the weathering technology field. This includes the standardization for testing of industrial materials, outdoor exposure and accelerated degradation tests; to investigate material degradation mechanisms. This allows for improvement of material properties, thereby increasing lifespan.

Council Chairman Tsukasa Shimizu, Former President of Waseda University; Director-General Shiro Haruyama, Emeritus professor of Tokyo Institute of Technology; and Managing Director Shigeo Suga, President and CEO of Suga Test Instruments, preside over the Suga Weathering Technology Foundation as they celebrated their 30th anniversary in December 2011.

Suga Weathering Technology Foundation Activities

  1. Awards: The Suga Weathering Technology Foundation awards those who have made significant, meaningful contributions in the field of weathering technology. Fifty percent of the awards are those involved in; corporations, thirty percent from the educational field, and twenty percent from other fields; such as, public research institutions.
  2. Research Grants: The Suga Weathering Technology Foundation has awarded over 200 grants relating to weathering technology. The field of research that has received the most grants (30%) is metallic materials; which includes painted and coating materials. The remainder of the grants are awarded in fields of biological materials, light and color, polymeric materials and test methods.
  3. Public Awareness: Every year, the Suga Weathering Technology Foundation holds symposiums in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan with over 500 attendees. The symposiums cover the latest developments and trends in weathering technology.
  4. Standardization: The Suga Weathering Technology Foundation provides research activities and supports weathering technology standardization for national and international standardization organizations; such as, AATCC, ASTM, ISO, JIS and ISO.
  5. Test and Research: The Suga Weathering Technology Foundation founded and established the Weathering Research Committee, Corrosion Research Committee and the Snowfall Research Committee. These committees are performing research activities to advance weathering technology.

The Suga Weathering Technology Foundation is an independent organization working for public interest. The Suga Test Instrument Co, is a primary contributor. Other contributors include corporations and individuals that support the foundations purpose.

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